Father’s Day Delivered 4 easy ways to celebrate!

This post is sponsored by Huggies, Pull-Ups, GoodNites but the

content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Lets hear it for Dad! Let’s be honest our perfect day is a day spent at home without a “To Do” list or alarm clock ringing, at least in our house it is.

My idea for this Father’s Day is to simply find ways to help him enjoy the day with out anything expected or planned, after all we do LOVE our time at home just playing in the living room tents and staying up past our bedtime.

I am huge on saving where and when I can so for me saving time and money feels like I have won the jackpot! I use subscribe and save on Amazon to save time and money and with two young kids you can imagine is a WIN!

Huggies Has been my go to diaper since I had Matthew, we love the quality and dry they stay even after a bit of time.

I am going all out this Fathers Day and by all out I mean we’re staying in!

1. Have groceries delivered to cook Dad up his favorite breakfast!

2. Have a couple of the kids drawings printed, framed and delivered as a special gift.

3. Have diapers delivered, no one wants to do a diaper run in the middle of our epic Father’s Day at home. Give Dad a break from diaper duty, “Honey, can you?” Will be more “Honey, I’ve got it ! ”

4. Order in a late night movie rental, after the kids go to bed I will show my husband how much he’s appreciated by letting him pick out the movie 🍿

Thank you for taking a little insight into our Father’s Day plans this year ! There is still time to order some extra Huggies and taking on an extra diaper change for Dad!

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