Birth, Breastfeeding & Baby Gut Health

This post is sponsored by Evivo, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Along with celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend I thought it would be a perfect Opportunity to share more about something often overlooked and not spoken enough about Babies Gut Health !

1) Birth- birth is beautiful, giving birth to my first baby I went in not know much about anything. Sure I read the standard books and had general knowledge but overall I feel I wasn’t informed enough ( you’ll never feel fully prepared in my opinion) but helping moms feel a bit more prepared would certainly ease some of the nerves.

2) Breastfeeding- Breastfeeding is not easy by any means and it is a different journey for every mother and every baby! My first basically refused Breastfeeding he only got very little from it and went to a bottle within his first three months and I wish I had felt (this was ok) but I thought I did something wrong, I didn’t ! He preferred the bottle and that was ok. My second son was the complete opposite, he latched almost instantaneously and has done spectacular with breastfeeding it has come very natural this time and that’s ok as well!

3) Baby Gut Health- when you give birth you feel like baby is born with everything he or she needs (at least that’s what I felt) in doing research and coming across Evivo I have learned that we are born with a sterile Gut and only 1/10 babies are born with the super important B bacteria a good bacteria that helps babies immune system! With Evivo you give your Baby this very important good bacteria with a once a day easy to dispense package you keep in your home refrigerator.

This is such a convenient way to give baby and Mom a piece of mind that your doing everything you can to give them the best possible start to a healthy Gut!

I have a great savings for you (see code below)

coupons expire 6/30/18

• $10 off 4-week starter kit discount code: BLOG7061

• $20 off 8 week or greater starter kit code: BLOG7062

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas !!



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