A Fun Filled Day in Orlando !

If your anything like me, your always looking for new, fun family friendly adventures !! I really LOVE finding one of a kind Memorable activities to do with with my family on summer vacation. This post will give you a few unique, super fun Memorable experiences that are family friendly around Orlando, Fl.

1. Hire transportation! Bay Hill Party Bus can meet the needs for any family fun filled day, and what better way to make memories than to hire transportation so everyone can be worry free and focus on making memories!

2. Think unique experiences! Like The Crayola Experience (Dad gets in FREE ON FATHERS DAY), The Coca Cola Eye or Zip Lining !

3. Get Groceries delivered! While staying in a hotel or a vacation rental in most parts of Orlando groceries delivery service is available.

4. Have FUN ! Do ever wonder why some of our best memories are made on vacation? I believe when we let our shoulders down and have fun we have a better time, therefore curating a long lasting good memory ! My #1 TIP for family in in Orlando HIRE TRANSPORTATION! You will be so glad you did! Bay Hill Party Bus

As always follow along over on Instagram @themagnoliamom for everyday adventures



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