Family Friendly Easy Spring Cookies

This post is sponsored by Nestlé® Toll House®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

What is better than bright fun and delicious cookies to welcome spring ? As the temperature rises it’s always fun to bake up some delicious Nestlé® Toll House® cookies and deliver them to teachers, co workers and neighbors.

We love quick easy recipes at our house something that will keep the kids attention and that they can help with.

We start with Nestlé® Toll House® ultimate chocolate chip lovers cookie dough as a quick recipe hack, its ready to go and so easy to pick up at your local Walmart!

Easy spring cookies:

Nestlé® Toll House®

-Spring theme cookie cutters we choose a bunny and tulip

-Roll out cookie dough

-Cut out cookies

-Bake and let cool

-Decorate with sprinkles or frosting

Enjoy! Be sure to share these delicious easy spring themed cookies with everyone who would love a sweet treat!

As always find more day to day over on Instagram @themagnoliamom !

❌⭕️ Amy

#SpringJustGotSweeter @NestleTollHouse

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