Kitchen Update Our MR DIRECT Farmhouse Sink.

This is a Sponsored Post with MR DIRECT all opinions are my own.

It’s time to for a kitchen update !! Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments on Instagram, I would love to share some details of our new Farmhouse Sink in our remodel.

As you can see we are not 100% finished, as with every good remodel there are a few things that got delayed like our special order 18″ dishwasher that was back ordered 6 weeks ! Yikes ! Overall we are nothing short of ecstatic about our new Farmhouse Style kitchen!

All about our beautiful new kitchen sink

This is the MR DIRCT 407L Farmhouse Sink made from 16-gauge stainless steel, this sink is truly amazing when you think about how far kitchen sinks have actually come, this sink is fully-insulated to reduce noise, this is perfect for me as I am usually doing dishes after the boys are In bed.

We also got grids for both basins that I would truly recommend adding on as it not only improves the over all look but keeps your sink from filling up with that not so nice dish water.

This sink looks so nicely to a standard 36″ sink base cabinet with minimal alterations.

If you are having a hard time deciding on a farmhouse sink, go with MR DIRCT! Our farmhouse sink came packaged so professionally!!

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