ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds: Cute and WARM That can be worn all day!

From my morning cup of coffee to taking the kids outside to play, on a chilly day all I want to is stay in my PJs ! Lucky for me ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds is Cute and WARM That can be worn all day! This plush valour set is SO warm and cozy and it has pockets !!! Yes, every moms dream you guys.

I found mine at Walmart, in the sleepwear separates section, there are some different colors and styles but the best part is you can MIX AND MATCH!

My go too Color is always black, so of course I snagged the black pants with pockets and went for a grey top that has a cute design with pops of pink ! I am definitely going back to pick up a few more separates since they all can be mixed.

This warm and cozy look is so affordable for under $10 a piece you can go from morning coffee to play date and back to lounging on the sofa for family movie night without changing and staying warm and cozy the whole day! Get your ClimateRight at Walmart!

As always take at advantage and buy yours with Walmart’s Free 2 Days shipping!!



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