Kid Friendly Tasty Touchdowns!

Our family is looking forward to GAME DAY!! If you’re like me you will be stopping into Walmart to pick up game day necessities.

Be sure to pick up a selection of your favorite Tyson products to make these easy kid friendly game day platters that will please adults and kids alike!

Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips Bites, I always have a bag of these in the house they are SO GOOD, the boys love them and they are not messy!! I always use the bake method of preparing them and I love how crispy they come out perfect for dipping.

Ball Park® Hot Dog bits paired with cheese my boys LOVE Ball Park® Hot Dogs so I prepared them and cut into 4 pieces paired them with cubed cheese on a stick and they are party ready!!

State Fair® Corn Dogs because let’s be honest they are so good and the kids love them.

They are perfectly paired with ketchup or mustard in single dipping cups and hold up well under a simple buffet light. Stop into your local Walmart for a GAME DAY demo!



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