They are why I Always Have America’s Softest Tissue At Home!

First, who doesn’t love FREE SHIPPING!? I love Walmart’s Free 2 day shipping it allows me to have essentials like Kleenex delivered right to my door! #TakeCareWithKleenex

I order just about EVERYTHING online these days, dragging 2 kids out and about to run errands isn’t as easy as I wish it was so it’s SO amazing that I can do all my shopping from Walmart online and get free 2 days shipping right to my door.

Having Kleenex around the house is a must for us! Not only for colds but also to help with teaching the boys that grabbing a Kleenex every time they go to sneeze is the proper thing to do and it cuts down on germs being spread within the home or in public.

I placed an order for my everyday essentials including my Kleenex supply of course and it was delivered for free with two day shipping !!

My boy is getting so big and loves to be a good example for his little brother, he joyfully showed him what you should do if you sneeze or have a “bad nose” in his words.

Kleenex are also gentle on those sensitive baby faces, so when grandma comes over and gives them a big kiss on the cheek we can gently wipe off lipstick.

Kleenex Anti Viral are my all time favorite during this time of year! the active ingredients in the middle layer disrupt the viruses’ protective coating and kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes!

Overall keeping my family happy and healthy is the reason I will always have Kleenex at home.




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