Summer Ready Hair with Hair Dance! GIVEAWAY 

I have had the pleasure of  trying out Hair Dance, an amazing new natural hair care treatment and WOW! I’m so pleasently surprised. I have to admit I have always stuck to the same shampoo out of lack of knowledge. I have been educating myself over the past few years on all the harmful and toxic things found in shampoo. 

I agreed to try out Hair Dance as a way to push my self to go an all natural and chemical free, I am SO HAPPY I did! My hair is so soft and shiny and I don’t feel bad putting toxins on my body every time I wash my hair. 

If your like me and you need that extra push, than trust me Hair Dance is a great start. If you follow us on Instagram you know we have started using the amazing effects of essential oils, switching to a heathy chemical free lifestyle is a process it doesn’t happen over night. I am so happy I have my self my a little push and tried out these products. My hair feels SO good and the dry shampoo is nothing short of AMAZING. 

I LOVE this hair treatment so much, I have partnered with Hair Dance to give or away!!! 

 THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO ENTERED HERE  IS A 20% discount on everything except the pillowcase: spring20! 

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