Easy Pick Me Up with MILKA OREO

Chocolate is a girls best friend, yes! you heard me correctly after a long day of taking care of the house and the kids I always look for a sweet treat to enjoy. I found MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy at Walmart, chocolate has always been my go to reward when I’ve been on track with my diet or just need a pick me up. It’s something that I can eat just enough of and not feel bad. This new treat is the best of both worlds MILKA OREO chocolate candy is so good! 

It was so easy to pick up in the check out line when we went shopping this week at Walmart, you can try out MILKA OREO too starting this week at Walmart they will be hosting in store tastings from May 18-21 and I highly encourage you too attend coupons!!! 

The best news of all go to my Facebook where  five winners will receive $25 Walmart gift card, look for the picture above. 

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