Snack Time With Gerber Smart Flow™ 

I don’t know if it’s only my kids or are they always hungry !? Now that I have two kids I feel like I’m constantly in the kitchen preparing meals or a snack, I am proud to have partnered with Gerber again to solve your snack time needs ! Gerber Smart Flow™ spout it is the next best things for mom and dads like us who love the concept of food in the go with some control! 

Here is Daddy helping Jacob with his Smart Flow™ banana blueberry pouch, it was so much eiser to control the smooth coming out and just over all a great meal time experience. We love Kroger and they are so easy to find there.

Would you like to try out Gerber Smart Flow™ Foods? Here’s a coupon ! Super easy to find in your local retailer just make sure you look for the smart flow logo in the top left corner for the smartest meal time without the mess. #pouchwin 
Best XO

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