A Typical Spring Day with Nuby 

It’s April! Which means more pool days here in sunny south Florida! Our typical day starts about 7am depending on who wakes up first Matthew or the Jacob. I love to let Matthew outside to run around after breakfast to burn off that morning fuel. 

Unfortunately he hasn’t been napping everyday anymore, so he powers though lunch and wants to play again. At this point the baby is usually taking a nap so I will let him go swimming (his favorite things right now are swimming and bath time !) loving these Little Squirts by Nuby for fun in the pool! He loves to pretend like he’s playing and then squirt the water towards me and yell “got ya!” 


 by late afternoon I drag him inside for a snack and a little R&R out of the sun. He will watch tv for a bit while I prep dinner and before you know it dinner is over and it is his next favorite time and Mommy’s absolute favorite time BATH TIME !

We made it though the day ! Now I just need him to burn off that last bit of energy he has stored up before bed, I add activities to his bath! We love the Floating Octopus and Little Squirts because of the bright colors and fun they add to make a big splash before bed time.  

This Post was sponsored by Nuby  its thanks to amazing company’s like this that The Magnolia Mom is able to continue bringing you great ideas and products! 

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