Entertaining Tips for #Friendsgiving with The Honey Baked Ham® Company!

This Year I have the honor of Partnering with The Honey Baked Ham® Company to bring you our #Friendsgiving ! Have you ever wondered the #1 secret to hosting the perfect dinner party? I have 5 Tips to help you be the host of the season. (SHHHH……Its the FOOD)

In all honesty If you have not tried the Delicious Honey Baked Ham®, now is the time!

In no particular order I’d like to explain what had our #Friendsgiving bummed up to the next level.

#1 Fresh Flowers, I am HUGE on always having fresh flowers in my house, for the perfect dinner we got a bigger more festive bouquet, It adds color and such a beautiful aroma in the air. I just move them off the table when dinner is ready to be served.

#2 GOOD FOOD! I mean when your attending any party you want serve the best food ! For me that is The Honey Baked Ham Company! All the food I served was cooked to perfection by the best! Menu and more about what we served below.

A Honey Baked Ham is smoked for up to 24 hours with a special blend of hardwood chips, then spiral-sliced to the bone for convenient easy serving, and hand-crafted with a sweet, crunchy glaze. It sure was the star of our dinner party, I was surprised when multiple guest said they had never had Honey Baked Ham before. They all could not get enough!

#3 Color Combinations- I absolutely LOVE the colors of Fall and although I love oranges and browns I focused on a darker green and gold for the Place settings and left the oranges,yellow and brown for touches around the table. I find it fun to stick with a darker color and throw in a metallic like gold or silver.

The Honey Baked Ham Company is here to help a busy mom like me who would never have the time to prepare such a Delicious meal, entertain a house full of Friends, Neighbors and  Co-Workers and pull off the best #Friendsgiving #Hamsgiving Ever and make it a new tradition!

#4 Using Texture- For me the texture was present in the different layers of the place settings a charger plate, dinner plate and desert plate adorned with a gold maple leaf and by displaying the food in a very textured dish. I love the depth it added to the table.

#5 Good Company- You will always remember a night filled with good company, for me Friendsgiving is a way to show appreciation. Our Friendsgiving was full of Good Company & Good Food  it made for the perfect evening.


Whole Turkey (Roasted Flavor)

Honey Baked Ham

Sweet Potato Soufflé

Country Cornbread stuffing

Roasted Turkey gravy

Green Been Casserole


Red Velvet Cake

All from The Honey Baked Ham Company!

A special thank you to The Honey Baked Ham Company for sponsoring this post!

#Hamsgiving #Friendsgiving #HBHCo #HoneyBakedHamsgiving

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