Whisbear at Prego Expo Tampa!

There is a very exciting event coming to Tampa July 29, 2018! The Prego Expo will be at the TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER 333 S Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602 with one of my all time Favorite baby products, Whisbear!!

Whisbear was created by two sleep-deprived moms 3 years ago to help with the biggest challenge of parenting – lack of sleep. What started small, has been an overwhelming success. Our products are loved by parents in 30 countries and we debuted in the US last year. We have been supported by Google Campus for Moms. Whisbear is available at Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.

Whisbear has changed the sleep

Struggle in our home completely around ! My youngest son has never really had a issue falling asleep, rather staying asleep since the noise level with my older one always turned way up. Once we started using Whisbear he has stayed asleep 2+ hours for his nap times and though the night for months.

We are so excited that Whisbear will be here in Tampa, FL on July 29,2018 at Prego Expo !! This is hands down one of my favorite baby/ toddler items right now. GET 10% OFF You might have heard about Whisbear this summer because (as some reporters put it) it “prompted Princess Kate to say that she needs more babies” – the announcement about the 3rd royal baby followed 2 months later.

Whibsear emits Pink Noise, which is a sound like white noise, but gentler, more pleasant for babies. Whisbear has a CrySensor that reacts to baby’s cry. Its legs are designed for safety – you can easily attach Whisbear to a stroller or crib. It’s also a sensory development toy that grows with your baby.

Want to hear more? Here’s a short message to other moms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVEO-oaRA54&t=37s

Hope to see you at Prego Expo Tampa !



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