Preventing is key with DESITIN 

Hi Friends ! Let’s talk the dreaded RED…. diaper rash and irritation! It’s not widely spoken about but seems to always be something I’m dealing with as a mom.

I have always loved DESITIN and the abundance of love doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. Friends DESITIN Rapid Relif not only will start helping irritation on the first application but it will help prevent it! Yes, I too was surprised !! 

Doing something so simple as using DESITIN RAPID RELIF each time you change your little one diaper will help prevent irritation and diaper rash! 

I have stocked up and bought one for my diaper bag one for home and one for grandmas house! 

Have you heard of DESITIN? If so how did you hear about it ? I found out about DESITIN from a sample pack in my Target baby registry and used the sample one night when I ran out in the middle of the night. 


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