My Infant feeding journey with baby #2

Is there anything sweeter than bringing home your new baby, the one who has been on a 9 month pregnancy journey with you filled with so much joy and happiness! Not in my opinion, my youngest is 11 months and infant feeding has been had been a great bonding experience between us. 

In my opinion every baby is different, this time around my baby had no problem nursing right from the first hour, that was not the case the first time. Although my baby has nursed thus far, it is important to me to give my husband some bottle time to give him that ever so important bonding time! Happy Baby Organic supports supplementing and I am happy to say Jacob loves it! He get so happy when he sees his da daaaaa (in his words) with a bottle for him. 

With him being 11 months the stage 2 is perfect ! I will continue with stage 3 afterwards since I love the idea of him having all the nutrients he needs with out haveing to worry if he’s ate enough that day especially since he is teething right now and has preferred to nurse and have a bottle more than actually eat.

So if your a “ over- researcher” like me Check our Happy Baby Organic stage 2 formula we are so happy we did, you never learn too much about infant feeding. 


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