July Cord Blood Awareness Month Get Informed

I can not believe we are already in July ! I feel like we just rang in the new year and here we are seeing Christmas in July Sales, right? July is a very important month, it is Cord Blood Awareness Month you may have heard about cord blood in the past, today I am talking about Cord Blood Registry the truth is if you are expecting or know someone expecting it is a very exciting time to become a parent with this newfound research and you should be as informed as possible to make the right decision for you and your family.

When I had my first son 3 years ago the only information I received about CBR was a pamphlet at my Drs office in my welcome bag, no one explained any of the amazing benefits to us. Then my second son came along just a few months ago and this time we had our Dr vaguely go over the benefits. Our family only became familiar with the newest information right before we welcomed our second son, I felt I was not informed enough to go through with the banking of his stem cells so we we decided to opt out. This is the reason I am so happy to talk about the cord blood registry here in a space where questions are welcome and comments are welcome!

Having a baby is such an emotional and beautiful time in life for families but it is also very important that we educate ourselves on very import aspects of today’s information like cord blood awareness.

I wish I would have been more educated about the amazing benefits of Cord Blood the choice is yours, get educated and make the best decision for you and your family. I would most certainly consider cord blood banking in the future. Find out more from the Cord Blood Registry

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