A Healthy Makeup Routine With ZENMED!

Makeup can actually be good for my skin? Yes, it can with ZENMED! 100% Doctor-formulated, naturally-based skincare with a conscience in mind.

You guys ! I had the pleasure of working with ZENMED and trying the BB Cream, HiDef CC Powder and the Anti- Redness Mask I must say I’m hooked. With pharmaceutical-grade ingredients mixed with vitamins how could you go wrong, I honestly had a complicated makeup routine before kids adding primmer all the way too finishing spray, well life calls and I still love putting on makeup everyday because it makes me feel productive and awake (or is that the 5 cups of coffee ) 😊 Here is me using the BB Cream and the HighDef Powder first thing in the morning.


When I first squeezed out the BB Cream it was a little oily I just made sure I mixed it together well before applying it to my face and it was perfect! The BB Cream it applies so easily and gives me the right amount of coverage for daily use, I will add I wore the BB cream all day added a little when my husband got home and we went out to dinner so it is very versatile and  easy to add too. It is not greasy or oily nor does it have a bad smell like some of the big brands I have tried. The CC Powder has a yellow undertone and should not be used like a regular powder it works wonders on red spots / areas on the face and neck. This was after dinner at the park, still looks perfect.

I tried the Anti Redness Mask at night since I am always worried about how my skin is going react to a new product, it was so gentle and left my skin red free! I’m seriously in love with ZENMED and the fact there products are naturally based.

ZENMED is perfect for my daily life, being at home with the kids, running errands out at the park. It is so versatile, light and easy on your skin.I hope you try ZENMED and let me know how you like it!

Note: I was kindly sent the product featured in this post in exchange for writing about it. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.




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