In One Year….

I can not believe I am pulling out Valentines Day decorations already! I remember this time last year I was chasing around my little man and thinking how lucky I was to have him. This Valentines Day I have Two little guys and the Handsome Man who gave them to me ➽ I feel beyond blessed to have my boys!

In one year we found out we were expecting another baby, moved to a different state, celebrated another year of marriage and had a baby!  I believe that life is not about how many breaths you take, but instead how many moments take your breath away. What’s for certain is that the time we have is precious. Spend some time today with those you love. 

I am putting together an extra special “Valentines Day for Him” this year so follow me on Instagram to see my awesome finds sneak peak next week & for some awesome coupon codes !!! (@themagnoliamom)

This Time Last Year~ 2016

This Year we are a family of 4 & Matthew is still very much a ladies man!

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