Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a wonderful week with friends & family. I took time away from social media this Holiday Season to fully enjoy the magic of Christmas time though my Boy’s eyes, with Matthew being 2.5 and it being Jacob’s first Christmas I did not want to miss a second.

I have tones of exciting things going on with the blog this year, we have a giveaway with Smile Brilliant to start your new off with a Bright White Smile, we have also partnered with another great brand! Stay in touch for more on that Via Instagram @themagnoliamom and Facebook /themagnoliamom

Here are some pictures of our family of 4!

My New Years Resolutions are very simple this year.

1. Live in the Now  – I feel like life has been going 100MPH and I just want to enjoy each minute of everyday with my boys.

2. Take care of Me – This one is hard for me, I am always taking care of others before myself always my kids and my Husband of course, but others like Family and Friends always seem too come before me too and this year I will be taking a little more time too get my hair done, go for a relaxing day at the spa even waking up early to get dressed up even on the days I have no where to go! 😉

3. Be the Best Mom I Can Be! Motherhood is Tough, I just want to be the best Mom I Can Be!

I hope you all had a blessed Holiday Season and have a Happy New Year !!


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