Picture Keeper Connect – Review & Giveaway

Cannot Take Photo! The worst thing you can see on your phone when you go to take that perfect picture of your baby doing the sweetest thing for the first time. How many of us have gotten this message and scramble to delete something that is not “as important” to hope to gain enough memory to take the picture that has technically already passed. I know I have, and to be honest I should have backed up my photos, videos and contacts a long time ago, most of my sons “First” were just lingering on my phone and I always worried about loosing those precious memories.

Not any more! A Huge thank you to C/O Picture Keeper Connect for this amazing product that has lifted the burden of backing up my photos and videos. This is seriously the easiest thing you can use to back up your Apple or Android Device, yes it works for both!!


I started by downloading the Free App, from there it was so simple just plug and play! I choose to backup everything all my photos, videos and contacts. It took about 45 minutes to complete based on the fact I was backing up over 2,500 photos and 1,800 videos Wow! this this thing is amazing!! It was complete and I removed it, yes all my data was still on my phone… I flipped it over and plugged the USB drive into my computer with my external hard drive hooked up and opened the USB the same way you would any other USB drive, I dragged the folders “Photos” “Videos” and “Contacts” over to my external hard drive after just a few minutes of time I opened all the folders and viola ! Everything was there, I was so happy it was so simple, Matthew was still napping !

After confirming everything was backed up, I DID IT! I Deleted almost everything off my phone, It felt SO GOOD to know my data was not only safe but that all the new photos I will be taking of our new baby boy will have plenty of space and will be so easy to back up as often as id like! I will definitely be doing this at least once a week now just to keep my phone memory clean and clear and my mind off worrying about loosing such important memories.

Picture Keeper Connect would make the perfect stocking suffer, with all the family gatherings over the holidays I will certainty be using mine ALOT!  


Are you ready for a GIVEAWAY? Head over to my Instagram @themagnoliamom and Enter To Win!!

Note: I was kindly sent this product featured in this post in exchange for writing about it – all are designated with “c/o”. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.

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