Fall Around Here

October starts my favorite time of year. The cooler weather starts, naps seem to be longer and who can resist a nap with the windows open, am I right? For some reason I feel like people are more laid back this time of year, the Holidays are fast approaching and the year is almost though.

If you follow along on Instagram @themagnoliamom you seen my post on “Pure Joy” a photo of Matthew completely in the moment, loving the fresh air and the bright colors of the Pumpkin Patch, running around and just enjoying life. I love this time of year, I don’t love being a 100 weeks pregnant! Yes, this baby is snug in mama’s belly and doesn’t seem  to have any urge to come out any time soon!

 We have been walking our neighborhood, trying to walk this baby out! No luck yet.

 We had so much fun at our Church Pumpkin Patch last weekend! His face says it all, It’s the simple things like an orange snow cone!

Trying to get him to stay still for more than two seconds with all the fun going on was quit a task, I did mange to snap a couple of photos of my last few days being pregnant with this baby! If you are currently pregnant or have had been in your last few weeks you know what I am talking about when I say leggings and flats are my best friend right now!

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