Indoor Toddler Activites Melissa & Doug Toys

With just two weeks until my due date we have been spending as much time outside playing and running though the hose as possible around here, sometimes just getting outside for an hour makes all the difference when you have a toddler!

After baby boy makes his appearance I already know getting outside will be much harder and less likely as the weather cools down. I have been on the hunt for indoor toddler activities that promote learning and of course keep Matthew entertained for longer than 5 minutes.

Searching high and low I came across things like (Tub of Beans)  (Beach in a Bucket) even (Pudding Painting) OK I don’t know if it’s just me or what but NO THANK YOU! I do not want my kid eating 100 raw beans and then waiting to see what happens, or cleaning up beach sand for the next 500 years in every corner of my house and pudding painting I think I would just die!!To say the least I kept searching, My mom got Matthew a set of wooden blocks for Christmas last year from Melissa & Doug that were so adorable, right up his ally with the animals and the tractors. He played with them for quit a long time for him only being a year and half old then, I pulled them back out recently and let him set them all up how he liked he played for an hour ! A whole hour ! Since he like them so much I hopped on there site to see what else we could stock up on !

I found so many amazing developmental puzzles and toys that I just know he is going to love !

Along with some other great non-messy options like drawing a car parking garage on cardboard, making blanket tents (which he loves) and playing with pipe cleaners which I had completely forgot could be so much fun!

                                                        Expires 10/2

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