Complete Your Nursery with Crane

How Beautiful is this design? so sleek and modern, perfect for a modern nursery design!  Bringing a new baby home in the fall months is never easy with the dry weather, colds being passed around the pediatricians office and sensitive newborn skin to tend too. Cranes Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep, it runs super quite perfect for a Nursery and helps with dry skin and hair! With the help of Crane and our new Drop Humidifier I have total confidence our nursery is complete.

Set up took all of 5 minutes from unpacking to a fully functional unit, it arrives ready to use no filter or additives required! Just add water and plug in, as a busy mom convenience is key. I was surprised that the mist was so cool to the touch and smelled so fresh and clean, I’m seriously thinking about adding one to our room. As you know we have been counting down the weeks until our new baby boy arrives, in a few short weeks we will welcome him into his perfect and now complete nursery!

Here is a snap from our trip last weekend to MommyCon! Check out the travel size humidifier that is absolutely amazing and perfect for upcoming holiday travels with the kiddos!

 A huge thank you to Crane who helped complete our nursery with one of their Drop Humidifiers. This blog post was sponsored by Crane. Thank you for supporting the brands that support us!

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