Why "The Magnolia Mom" ?

Today I got another email asking why the name “The Magnolia Mom”? This is a question I get ALOT since the beloved show Fixer Upper got popular on HGTV.

Yes, I am a huge fan! The truth is I started This blog in 2013 when I found out we were expecting our first child. Before Fixer Upper or anything Magnolia was popular, I have always loved the Magnolia Flower its beauty and its smell! The ultimate meaning of the magnolia flower is that it often symbolizes Yin, or the feminine side of life which was perfect for a lifestyle/ mom blog like mine. 

Expecting our first child I also loved that it symbolized womanly beauty and gentleness as I was going though pregnancy for the first time, thinking about the beauty of my changing body often helped me with my worries.

So there you have it, the story of “The Magnolia Mom” Blog that began in 2013 
Life sure has changed a lot since then, luckily I have had the love of my life by side too share it with! 

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