Bedding upgrade, makes all the diffidence!

If your like me and believe in the power of walking into a neat and tidy bedroom weather your just grabbing something quickly or getting ready for bed, there is something about walking into a clean and tidy room with the bed made !

We upgraded our bedding to our all time favorite Beddy’s Bedding “Love at First White” king size with cotton Inside and we haven’t looked back!

First off the bedding itself is AMAZING ! I know it is truly hard to believe bedding can be amazing but just trust me and try it 🙂

This is my happy place, this is my bed and there is nothing in the world like your own bed.

Now every morning I have a new habit of just zipping up my side of the bed when I get up, my husband does the same and just like that we have a beautiful made bed, everyday.

The detail is beautiful and perfect for our room, I love how many different designs Beddy’s offers you can change them out seasonally or just swap when you wash.

I’m sure you will see much more Beddy’s around here as we keep adding detail to our New Master!

Happy New Year!



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