Let’s Find Him Together with Tile

When it comes to your child’s favorite toy, blankie, pacie, ect…. us moms would do ANYTHING in the moment our child thinks they lost it! Meet Puppy he doesn’t make an appearance here much, in fact we are probably hiding puppy in most of the photos that are posted here. Puppy is Matthew’s first stuffed animal whom he has loved for 3 years and will basically be a stage 5 basket case over if he even remotely thinks he is missing. So with the help of my new friend Tile I can now locate him whenever and where ever he may be!
 Puppy usually finds himself in my diaper bag or in Matthews pocket, hey you can never be to sure when it comes to your puppy! He loved his new Tile tag!!
We went out to the park today, just to breath in some fresh fall air and try and get over our post vacation colds a little faster. Puppy and new Tile came with us! 
I told Matthew  was going to show him how Tile worked since he is in the stage of asking Why ? and How? a Bizzzilloon times a day. 
I dropped puppy about ten steps away from a tree and then asked Matthew to go in my bag and get Puppy, he of course did not see him! I consoled him and told him it was all a part of the plan and he was not far (I had eyes on him) 😉 
I told him we will find him together and showed him I could locate his new Tile  he also herd the ringtone was immediately able to run and find him! It was such a great experience, it took So Much street off frantically thinking he was LOST and allowed me to stop think clearly and located what was “Lost” 
We found him! and just like that all was well. Tile is an amazing piece of technology, I have already ordered a few more!! Have you ever lost something ? Maybe even recently (AKA my husband everyday!!) you need Tile !! 
Tile is Amazing! and will defiantly be in some stockings this year 😉 

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