Staying Fresh & Clean for any Occasion!

Can I start by saying I have a thing for staying fresh and clean ! I literally LOVE taking a shower it just refreshes Your mind, body and soul as I right !? I have always been the one that takes up the whole shower storage with my different body washes so when I herd Suave has so many different sents and a quiz to find out which might suit you best I could not wait to try it out ! 

I got COCOA BUTTER & SHEA which is so me! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and the soothing sent is exactly what I need after a long day! Take your Suave sent quiz HERE and let me know what sent you got, if you tried it out and how you liked it!! I’d love to hear. 

My husband took the quiz and got Ocean Breeze which doesn’t surprise me as he could live in the beach if I let him 🙂 

For now find me soaking in my bath tub with my new favorite body wash! 


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