Summer Fun at Disney

This post is a Sponsored by Disney, all opinions here are my own.

A summer to remember! Walt Disney World was AMAZING 🐭 seeing the world though the eyes of a 3 year old is truly magical, I got so many questions about tips on traveling to Disney with two young kids.

First and for most, have faith ! Your kids are just that kids, they will be loud and awe struck at so many things inside Disney, don’t worry everyone else’s kids are too! When we take the kids anywhere there is a lot going on I try to let my shoulders down and relax.

I always bring a stroller I don’t mind leaving in the stroller parking like this easy umbrella stroller

This was our first time at Disney with the kids so we took an extra precaution and bought Matthew a backpack with a detachable wrist handle for extra crowded situations, which to our surprise there was not many of !

Take time to enjoy everything! We took a moment to admire characters interacting in front of the castle and it was so lovely to see so many happy memories being made.

We had so much fun exploring, making memories and hearing Matthews experience in his own words. He was completely amazed!!

I can only imagine how fun next year will be!

A huge thank you to Walt Disney World for having us we look forward to seeing you next year!



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