A touch of pink in my boy filled world! Holly Slay Handmade 

I wanted to take a moment and spotlight a truly beautiful handmade shop who was featured in my “Mothers Day Tea Party” post Holly Slay Handmade on Etsy made the absolutely gorgeous tea pot & cups that I gave to my mom who enjoys tea daily. 

This beautiful set is great for daily tea and special occasions like our Mothers Day Tea ! 

The pink and purple rosets are the perfect touch of girly and still sophisticated enough for a formal party. 

The cups shown are the smaller size which worked great as we had a wide variety of teas to “sample” this size would work perfect for a child tea party or one like we had with a wide variety of tea. She also offers a larger size cup.

So if your looking for a beautiful tea set definitely check out Holly Slay Handmade

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