Traveling with the kids made easy with Floor Bloom!

As a mom I love to see my boys happy and in their comfort zone so I have always had anxiety over traveling with the kids even if it was to a family members house for a weekend. I have a routine in place at home and when we step out of it I do not want the kids to feel out of place. I have been blessed to find a seriously genius product for the boys!

Floor Bloom floor pillows, these amazingly soft super lightweight pillows are perfect for the boys to lounge together and read a book or play Stack O Rings one of their favorite toys right now. I remember as a child always bringing a pillow in the car if we were going on a day trip or weekend away, so I offered Matthew the leaf pillow on a car ride to Grandmas house and he LOVED it ! I bring the floor pillows with us for the kids to have a space to sit and relax, it has relived a lot of anxiety about weather or not they will be comfortable. 
I feel like the pillows are the perfect size, big enough to be comfy cozy and not too bulky where someone wouldn’t want them in the living room off to a corner. 
We will be traveling this summer and I can not wait to bring Floor Bloom along!
Click HERE to visit Floor Bloom and order yours.


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