Starting A New Easter Tradtion With The Easter Story Egg™

Happy Spring! I hope you all are getting outside and enjoying this beautiful weather, we certainly are. Easter is such a fun and meaningful time of year, the weather is great and everyone seems to have a renewed spirit after winter. This Easter we will be celebrating Easter with a new tradition one that I have found so fun and easy for the kids to participate in.

If you have not heard of The Easter Story Egg™  from Star From Afar Kids than you have to check them out and add this wonderful tradition to your family’s Easter Celebrations! This Beautiful Set includes a hard cover book and a set of 7 wooden nesting eggs that starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday helping teach children the true meaning of Easter.

Each wooden egg is so beautiful painted with the different parts of the Easter Story, the quality is superb and will last for years to come!

Matthew started taking apart the eggs one by one each time with pure excitement and joy, “There’s another one, and another one!” he smiled and admired all the eggs lined up, I explained to him starting Palm Sunday after church we will begin the story and each day he will be able to open one more egg, he is filled with excitement and looking forward to hearing each part of the story. I love looking at the world though his eyes it helps me stop and remember that life doesn’t always have to be so busy and hectic its about the little things like reading my baby a book and seeing him smile that really fills the heart!

We love our The Easter Story Egg™  so much we are hosting a Giveaway!! Enter Below and Tag your friends on Facebook and Ingram so they can have a chance to win as well! If you’d like to buy yours now, Get 10% OFF your The Easter Story Egg™  HERE and use the code MAGNOLIA  !!

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Easter Story Egg™ GIVEAWAY!!

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