Dock A Tot – A Sleep Miracle!

If you have not seen or heard about Dock A Tot yet, I will gladly be the first to tell you, Include this on your baby registry !

Since the day I brought Jacob home I have put him into his Dock A Tot, he loves it! Every time he gets startled a very common new born trait the soft sides of the Doc A Tot comforts him and allows him to calm in just seconds and sooth himself back to sleep. Hallelujah!

 With Matthew my first Son, I had to pick him up every time he startled to sooth him back to sleep, this is not necessarily a bad thing although allowing the baby to self sooth in his Dock A Tot has helped with his Sleep habits and adjusting to life outside the womb.

 If your considering a Dock A Tot, I say YES! 100 % add this to your list of Must Haves ! Follow along on Instagram @themagnoliamom and see Jacob use his on a daily basis.

Shop Dock A Tot HERE for $10 OFF !  
Note: I was kindly sent the product featured in this post in exchange for writing about it. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.


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