Family pictures and a bump update !

We have been working on getting baby boy’s nursery ready (still waiting on a few larger pieces to arrive) so we took a free weekend and headed down to our favorite place on earth, the beach to take some bump pictures. I haven’t really been on top of taking a lot of pictures this pregnancy mostly because well, I have a two year old wild man that keeps me occupied for about all hours of the day 🙂 no complaining here as I wouldn’t trade this time in my life for anything and be able to stay home and raise my babies is my dream job!

Bump Update: 
Woo I can not believe next week I will be in my third trimester !! Can you say time flys when your having fun! This pregnancy has by far been the harder of the two since the beginning I felt sick most of the first 3 months, after getting though all that I started getting back pains so I have since stopped holding Matthew so much and that has relived a lot of the pressure off my back. Here are some pictures from my 26 week bump with baby #2.
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