Modern at Home Comfort AngelSounds Fetal Doppler

Since my Doctors appointments started becoming monthly, I have been anxiously waiting to hear my little ones heartbeat again so, I started researching at home affordable Fetal Doppler devices. I found that in our modern world I wasn’t alone there are a ton of at home FDA cleared devices you can buy to listen inside your womb in between those long 4 week waiting periods in between doctors appointments. Since I wasn’t sure, up until this past week if I had felt (quickening) or moving yet it was a nice re-assurance that I have been doing everything right and my baby’s heartbeat is strong.

After researching I have found there are so many affordable devices to choose from, I decided on the AngelSounds Fetal Doppler by Jumper only about ($30) this device allows you to listen and record your baby’s heartbeat. 
This device is so simple to use, you must first unwrap the battery and install it, next connect headphones or a speaker, use just a little of the included ultrasound gel or (baby oil) to the lower part of your stomach and turn on your device, once you start moving it listen for a heartbeat about double the speed of your own.
Although it took me about 5 minutes the first time to find the baby’s heartbeat, I could hear it perfectly !! I recorded for 10 seconds and counted the beats then multiplied it by 6 to find out the BPM mine was still up at 151 BPM about the same from my first ultrasound. 
This device is NOT to replace your regular doctors appointments it is used to simply listen to your baby in the convince of your own home.  

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